Refinery29: March 2019

Women Proposing To Men Is Still Rare — But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Offbeat Bride founder Ariel Meadow Stallings agrees that women proposing to men is becoming more common, and she attributes the rise in part to marriage equality. “As a woman, when you see your gay brother get proposed to by his longtime boyfriend, and then your lesbian BFF proposes to her girlfriend, I think it starts to rattle the cage of tradition and gender norms about who’s supposed to propose,” she explains. “If your gay bro can be proposed to, and your lesbian BFF can get down on one knee… then why wouldn’t you be able to propose to your boyfriend?”

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Author of Offbeat Bride (Seal Press; 2007, 2009, 2019) and the forthcoming Shitshow After-Party (Seal Press, 2020), Ariel Meadow Stallings likes to poke at the soft places of overlap between culture, identity, relationships, and personal development.