I have a large online blast radius

Hey, I’m Ariel! I reach about a million people a month in my work as a Seattle-based author, publisher, and strategist. Sometimes I also do lifestyle trend commentary for media outlets.

My 2019 has been focused on three book projects:

★ The third edition of my first book, Offbeat Bride (Seal Press / Hachette, Sept. 2019)

★ Exploring new formats with my second book, PROS BEFORE BROS, a limited edition erotic novella paired with jewelry (Self-published, Jan. 2019)

★ Producing my third book, Shitshow to Afterglow (Seal Press / Hachette, June 2020)

… all while overseeing my Seattle-based bootstrapped digital publishing start-up, the Offbeat Empire. Whew! It’s a lot. You can keep up with my daily process over on Instagram: @arielmstallings. If you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.